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A prominent Houston businesswoman, Marilyn Evans, is murdered in her car. The killing at first seems to be part of a gang initiation, as LOV is spray-painted on the car—Lords of Violence. However, the police team investigating the crime quickly have doubts that a gang was involved, and suspect the killer may have intentionally tried to divert the authorities by staging the crime as a gang slaying. The police team discovers that several people had motive to kill Marilyn, and realize that to solve the crime, they had to determine who would benefit most by her death.

Serial killings of tourists in the Black Hills of South Dakota are investigated by FBI Agent, Ross Patten. Victims, while murdered by various methods, have their chest pierced, post mortem, by ritualistic arrows added as a signature by the killer. The investigation focuses on motive, which may be revenge by a member of the Sioux tribe, whose land was taken by the U.S. over a hundred and forty years ago.

Rhett and Toni Sanders are private detectives in Houston. Their housekeeper introduces them to her cousin, Miguel, who had recently crossed the border illegally seeking employment. Miguel relates that just after crossing the Rio Grande, he witnessed his comrades being hunted down by a pack of dogs and then shot to death by men on horseback. Miguel believes many more Mexicans may have met the same fate. Rhett and Toni decide to investigate the possible existence of a secret hunting club, risking that they might become its prey.

A couple on vacation in Santa Fe, private detectives, enjoy their hike behind the Bishop’s Lodge until they reach the summit of the mountain. There they witness an apparent murder on the back terrace of a home more than a half a mile below. The killer and victim appear too small to identify, but they can locate the Mediterranean-style villa where the crime occurred. By the time they get off the mountain, contact local authorities and investigate the scene, there is no evidence of the murder.

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